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Replacement Windows

With over 25 years of experience in home improvement, Castle Painting and Carpentry can handle all your home exterior needs, including windows and doors. It’s not easy to find a reliable painting company that also offers carpentry, window and door services, or a window company that provides expert painting. When you invest in painting your home, why not replace the windows too, all with one dependable company?

Windows & Patio Doors

We provide quality, affordable new construction and replacement windows and patio doors. Our professional in-home consultation is free and we provide estimates that we stand by.

Whether you are looking for double-hung windows, casement windows, picture windows or patio doors, we offer dozens of styles and colors to bring out the best in your home. Our windows offer high performance in thermal efficiency, structural durability and weather resistance.


There are many reasons to replace the windows in your home:

  • Improved energy efficiency and lower utility bills

  • Increased value of your home and enhanced curb appeal

  • Beautiful new look to your home

  • Noise reduction

  • Elimination of difficult operation of old windows

  • Additional security

Three Decades of Experience 

Get in Touch

Fill out our form to get a free quote for your next project. Have us out to your home or business and we'll share why Castle Painting & Carpentry is one of the best investments you'll ever make. 

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